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Poproszono nas o wsparcie rodziny Państwa Sala-Gonzalez, która 9 września przed lokalnym sędzią będzie bronić swojego prawa do edukacji domowej. Może i Państwo zechcecie pomóc tej rodzinie, wysyłając list, którego proponowaną wersję zamieszczam poniżej. List taki można przesłać pod adres:

Rodolfo Sala y Mila González,

Partida del Collao nº 53,

Mutxamel ,Alicante, 03110


Można także użyć adresu: peloliao@hotmail.com 


The family Sala-González educate their son at home, which we consider to be a reasonable educational choice that is in accordance with Spanish constitutional and legal rights. There is no legal text in existence that expressly forbids home education, nor exists such a prohibition in the various international conventions signed by Spain. In fact the opposite is true – the right to educate one’s children at home is a parental right recognised by the United Nations (UN).

We understand that the conduct of the couple Sala-González is a responsible one and that the parents are fully aware of their duties and rights. They have simply taken on the responsibility to educate their child themselves within the home, which is a parental right protected by Articles 27.1 and 27.3 of the Spanish Constitution. Those Articles recognise the freedom of teaching and guarantee parents the right to choose the format of their children’s education.
Given the opportunity the courts have considered the right to an education not only to be protected and guaranteed by means of school attendance and the integration of the pupil within the official education system, but that „educational training carried out at the fringes of official teachings is perfectly acceptable within the framework of the freedoms created by the Constitution”. 
There are many favourable sentences to this end, but they would be too numerous to list. However, we would like to stress that in places such as the Basque Country, Andalusia or Catalonia  amongst others, already exists jurisdiction on the subject of legal recognition and viability of this legitimate educational choice which is growing not just in Europe and the world in general, but also here in Spain.
Having said that we would like to reiterate that we do not consider this to be a case of lacking responsibility on part of the parents, nor one of neglect or truancy, but quite the contrary. This could be described as a case of greatest enthusiasm by offering the child the best possible education that respects both his individual needs and that is coherent with the family’s values, values that are in keeping with the democratic values of the Spanish state and that are therefore completely respectable.
With this letter we express our support for the accused family Sala-Gonzáles and declare that we fully share the same feelings that have inspired the parents to educate their son at home. 
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